Alexandra's work has been exhibited in the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Solane Internationale del Mobile, and reviewed in the Associated Press. 

Source and Tradition

Source and Tradition by Alexandra Vaga is a line of handcrafted, slab-pressed and pinched porcelain tableware. Shapes range in size from tiny dip bowls to extra large free-form vessels. Each piece shows the markings of natural linen and impressions that reveal the touch of the artist's hands. All pieces are designed by Alexandra Vaga and entirely handmade.

Alexandra resonates deeply with her ancestral connections and retains the simplistic beauty of the everyday interactions with the people and environments that surround her. Noting each experience and allowing it to take shape and form in her creativity and craftsmanship. 

 Handmade in Bay Head, New Jersey

From origin to final firing each piece is thoughtfully and carefully crafted.

  • high fire porcelain

  • lead free glaze

  • food safe

Each piece is made to order from the free form clay body, cut, rolled, shaped, sculpted, trimmed, washed, dried, fired, glazed, fired, cooled, packaged, and shipped off to you to be enjoyed or gifted.


I am interested in the small interactions of everyday life surrounding mealtime, the relationships these actions facilitate, and their link to deeper cultural traditions. I find endless inspiration from the coastal environment that surrounds me, my own cultural heritage, and in the baking and breaking of bread.
— Alexandra Vaga